Foxlis GEO

Check GEO location your web-service visitors by an ip-address.
Use our API for free or get its extended version.

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Test its power and rapid

Input an ip-address and check its GEO

API result

{{ apiResult }}

Last API statistics

Ip-address Processing time
137.226.113*** 0.02 sec
66.249.64*** 0.14 sec
34.86.35*** 0.02 sec
54.201.150.*** 0.02 sec
34.220.120.*** 0.02 sec
34.219.98.*** 0.02 sec
173.212.224.*** 0.02 sec
173.212.224.*** 0.02 sec
173.212.224.*** 0.02 sec

Very simple installation


Link below was generated when you test the API. Experiment with it and control the result to understand how it works.

{{ apiUrl }}

Simply place visitor ip-address in the URL, make request and get GEO location.


Use link without an ip-address.

Our service will do other work automatically and send you back GEO location result.

Secure requests available only for payed accounts.
If you plan to use free account just change transfer protocol in link "http://" instead of "https://" or your requests will be redirected automatically.